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Dr. Jeremy K. Popp

Dr. Jeremy Popp, a Winfield resident, has teamed up with his son Dr. Aaron K Popp at Winfield Woods Chiropractic. The office is located at the Winfield Woods Medical Center across from the main gate of the Lakes of the Four Seasons community. Dr. Jeremy Popp owned and operated his own private chiropractic practice in Homewood, Illinois and did so for the past two decades. He then decided to team up with his son!

"It has always been a dream for my son and I to practice together," states Dr. Popp. "We have enjoyed working together in the past, but never teamed up as physicians."

Dr. Popp has spent the last 20 years in the Crown Point area where he moved after completing his doctoral education. He spent most of his youth across the border in Illinois and decided to open his practice in Homewood. He and his wife, Rita, built Popp Family Chiropractic from the ground up into what is is today. Their son, Dr. Aaron, worked in their office as well throughout his educational career. Now they have decided that they would like to spend a little more time close to home and Dr. Popp has sold his Homewood office to accommodate hours at Winfield Woods Chiropractic with his son.

Dr. Popp is very excited to be in the new state of the art medical facility. "It is very nice to have so many specialties available under one roof." At the Winfield Medical Complex, they have primary care physicians, digestive disease specialists, lab facilities, physical therapy, neurology, general surgery, home healthcare, counseling, and more specialties on the way.

One of Dr. Popp's main points of focus has always been treating families and keeping families healthy.

"Healthy families promote a healthy environment for our children to grow up in and my goal is to keep my patients healthy with conservative forms of healthcare," states Dr. Popp.

His youngest daughter, Rachael Popp, is a sophomore in college and has also been working in the office with her father and brother during the summer months. At Winfield Woods Chiropractic, they are one big happy family.

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